Game review Dead Island Definitive Collection

Dead Island Definitive Collection Dead Island Definitive Collection is a collector's edition of all parts of the game, which also includes a remaster that fixes some of the game's flaws, and also improves the graphical component of the game. Recall that the original Dead Island game was released in 2011 on personal computers, as well

Metro game review

Metro game Metro: Exodus is one of the games that provide the effect of deep immersion: a meticulous study of the environment, atmosphere, "Soviet theme". Signs, pictures on the walls, familiar expressions in conversations, some household items, metal, plastic or wood products. Even a jar of cucumbers and a floral oilcloth speak for themselves. The

Final Fantasy XV – Game Review

Final Fantasy XV Final Fantasy XV is an action / RPG computer video game. The famous Japanese studio Square Enix worked on the development of the game, and many other games from the same series have been developed. This project has gone through a long stage of development – the so-called production hell, which means