Seven interesting hardcore games for Android and iOS

7 Games for Android and iOS

Most of the best-selling mobile games must be addictive. They use different methods to make sure you spend as much time and money in them as possible.

The number of lives can be limited, there are infinitely many levels, to simplify the passage, you can buy in-game content. All this hooks players into games and brings income to their creators, but does not cause the satisfaction that can be obtained from completing levels or gaining points with the help of your own skills and reflexes.

Readers may call it nostalgia, but some grew up playing more complex games like Contra or Battle Toads on Dandy consoles. They are accustomed from childhood that games have to be difficult, that they will have to die a lot, that there are no saves, and in case of an error, they have to start all over again. As a result, gamers' skills improve and success brings a sense of pride. It is much more pleasant to achieve everything yourself than if you buy bonuses for money.

Below are some of these games that will challenge your skill. If you want some really challenging mobile games, the list below is sure to have options for you.

1. Machinarium

This game is quite different from the others in this rating. It can be categorized as point-and-click puzzle adventure. You will help a robot named Joseph rescue his girlfriend, who has been kidnapped by a group of other robots. You have to solve a series of puzzles that will challenge your mental abilities. In the first two minutes of the game, the puzzles are fairly simple, but then their difficulty increases rapidly.

There are two options for progressing through this game: you solve the puzzles yourself, or you use hints. Even with the second option, the game is difficult. There are no usual dialogues or understandable language, hints are given in the form of bubbles, which become more and more vague. Apart from the interesting gameplay, the visual effects and soundtrack can be noted.

2. Titan Souls

This game will not overload you with various controls. You only need to move and aim, one button is for fast movement, the other for a bow and a single arrow. Holding the latter makes the arrow fly a little further and faster, or returns it back. Further difficulties begin.

The basis of this game is arcade large-scale boss fights, where accuracy is needed to shoot huge monsters, they become more and more dangerous as you progress. You will die a lot, but with each new attempt your skill should grow. As a result, you will find the vulnerable spots of opponents and get great pleasure from using them. The price is very high by the standards of mobile games, but it is almost the same game that is offered on personal computers and consoles.

3. Ninja Spinki Challenges !!

Free for Android and iOS.

The author of the game Flappy Bird Dong Ngyen is not going to retire. In 2013, he hooked millions of people on games with an extremely difficult game, and recently unveiled another potential hit. Here you play as a ninja undergoing training, who has to solve a number of tasks. The execution time is limited, you need to hit targets with an asterisk and jump, dodge huge cats and cannon shots. The main difference from Flappy Bird is that the latter is extremely difficult from the beginning, while the complexity of the new game grows gradually.


The list of hardcore games would be incomplete without this classic 2008 browser game. The smartphone version brings additional game modes, leaderboards and group competitions, but the level of clumsiness is unchanged. If you make it to the 100m race, try surpassing the current record of 51 seconds.

5. Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous

This game has earned the right to be called redonkulous. In English, this word has a stronger meaning than "ridiculous", it is with them that you can describe the incredible complexity of this game.

You play with a mouse pointer armed with a variety of weapons. You have to destroy the red dots shooting at you, while they quickly multiply like bacteria. The main difficulty lies in the controls, you need to tilt your device to move around the screen. Another difficulty is the sudden appearance of bosses. You damage them by circling a number of targets, but it will be difficult to avoid the projectiles they fire at you.

6. Do Not Crash

Free for Android and iOS.

The design of this game bears similarities to Flappy Bird. At first glance, everything looks simple. You drive along a NASCAR-style oval track towards three other cars. There are two lanes, your opponents change them often. You click on the screen to change lanes, you need to avoid collisions. Sounds easy, but try it yourself. This game is great for killing time and can be fun for the whole family.

7. Mr. Jump

Free for Android and iOS.

If you've finished Super Mario Run and are looking for something a little bit heavier, this game is a great choice. The idea here is simple: you have an autorunner in front of you, but unlike Mario, things get complicated very quickly.

You tap to jump and hold for a long jump. The first level starts with simple jumps so that you can understand the game concept, after that you understand when and what jumps are needed. The second level brings a white square that allows you to take an extra jump right in the air when you touch it. Then the game becomes really difficult.

You need to remember when to make a small jump, when to make a big jump, when to fall and let inertia do its job. In some levels, you will die several dozen times before you can pass them. It is after this that you will experience a truly deep sense of satisfaction, for which such games are created.

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