Skyrim Special Edition has been turned into the iconic Castlevania. Massive mod with new characters released

Skyrim Special Edition turned into a cult Castlevania. A massive mod with new characters and enemies has been released

Modder with the nickname Lordkarnak is developing a large-scale modification for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Special Edition, which aims to turn this game into a cult Castlevania. The author has already released the first episode of the mod.

Earlier Lordkarnak released a similar mod for the standard Skyrim, but the other day decided to make a version for the special edition of the game.

Modification allows gamers to go to such locations as Abandoned Castle, Baljet Mountain and Garibaldi Temple. The main goal is to find a way to prevent the resurrection of Dracula.

Fight the devil will be Dragonborn, who will be assisted by Alucard and the Innocent Devil. The mod also brings to Skyrim Special Edition enemies from the Castlevania series, including skeletons, cyclops, zombies, and more. In addition, there are several new bosses.

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