Announcement of Project Magnum (shooter-looter) for consoles and PC from Nexon Korea

Announcement of Project Magnum (looter shooter) for consoles and PC from Nexon Korea

Publisher Nexon Korea and developers from NAT Games announced Project Magnum, New loot shooter (our favorite looter – shooters) for consoles and PC, which is scheduled for release worldwide.

Project Magnum – Is a PC and console game that combines an RPG and a third-person action shooter. It features beautiful graphics as well as interesting and unique characters based on the worldview of the sci-fi player and the environment (player vs. world environment).

It also features immersive battles with a wide range of skills, actions and weapons, as well as exciting combat games between the player and the environment, targeting huge bosses.

Magnum Project Will be available at most major retailers worldwide. More information about Magnum’s launch schedule will be announced later.🙈 Resellers have started jacking up video card prices

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