Review of the online game Words of Clans

Words of Clans

The online game Words of Clans is an addicting word puzzle that is actively supported by the developers and continues to evolve. It exists in the form of mobile applications for Android and iPhone, as well as a flash application for playing from a PC or laptop on social networks, but with somewhat limited functionality for review.

The essence of the game is to quickly compose words from letters located on a 5×5 field, trying to score as many points as possible. Letters can be connected not only vertically and horizontally, but also diagonally. The game requires a constant internet connection, because it is played between live players in real time. Due to the high popularity of the game, you don't have to look for an opponent for a long time – there are active players both at night and on holidays. In offline mode, you can only play training games, the result of which does not affect anything.

Each game consists of three rounds, according to the results of which the one with the most points wins. The number of points depends not only on the number and length of the words found, but also on how many times the letters were used on the cells with multipliers. Each field has 4 types of multipliers located on random cells: multiplying a letter by 2, multiplying a letter by 3, multiplying the whole word by 2 and 3, respectively. The most valuable words are obtained if they involve several letters with large factors. Each victory brings experience points and brings you closer to getting a new level.

A well thought out system of achievements for which coins are given. Coins can be used to get hints (each next hint in a round is more expensive than the previous one), buying things in the in-game store, and more.

There is paid content in the Word for Word game, but it is not intrusive. For a small amount of real money, you can purchase a PRO version of an account with endless lives, otherwise the number of games will be limited. For those who are attracted by the game – this is a worthwhile investment, and it delays not only with its excitement, but also with the ability to constantly develop and enjoy the results.

You can play not only individual games with an opponent, but also as part of a clan, joining a clan that already exists, or creating a new one of your own. In clans, you need to complete daily clan tasks – the whole team must score a certain number of points, after which all players receive a reward. To take higher places in terms of points scored among the members of your clan, you need to constantly increase your clan multiplier: this is the amount by which the points gained are multiplied. The clan multiplier depends on the player's level, the number of experience points gained during the season, whether the clan has the Grail, clothing and the level of the library.

The Grail is a beautiful glass for which clans compete with each other. Clans can attack other clans and participate in battles with the whole team at the same time. The clan, whose team scored more points, receives the coveted Grail. A clan that conquered the Grail, or received it by accident from the Universe, must protect it, and other clans must attack the keepers.

Library – a section of the game "Word for Word", where you can read books, magazines, treatises and encyclopedias, thereby increasing the level of the library. Books are read by themselves, you just have to wait. Magazines can be read instantly by watching a commercial. Also, in the library, you can disassemble books into scrolls, and then from the scrolls you can produce clothes in the workshop (collecting scrolls for clothes is a long, but interesting process, like many other processes in the game).

In each section of the game there is a button "rules", by clicking on which you can read in detail about everything that may not be clear to a beginner player. There is also a "write to developers" function. The game has groups in all major social networks, where you can also communicate with developers and other players, learn about innovations. The development team promptly answers players' questions and quickly fixes errors that arise in the game.

Some dishonest players use cheat programs for easy wins, but the developers strictly monitor this and block the cheaters' accounts. Also, the players themselves can complain if they notice that someone is playing unnaturally well – they only make up long words with great speed. There is another type of deception – negotiated games or games with oneself from different accounts, but even such fraud does not go unpunished. A player who plays with the same opponents and wins by too far has a great chance of being blocked.

The game itself is incredibly fun and helps to kill time without boredom, while developing attention, thinking speed and vocabulary. The vocabulary of the game is quite rich and consists not only of nouns, as is usually the case, but also of adjectives and adverbs. If some existing word is not in the dictionary, you can always write to the developers and suggest adding this word, sending it along with the dictionary meaning and example of use.

People of all ages play Word for Word, in the clan chat you can communicate and get to know your team members better.

The only drawbacks of the game are errors and server crashes, which periodically happen everywhere. At the same time, the developers go to meet the players and compensate for the inconvenience caused by the problems with the game bonuses. After an unsuccessful innovation, which caused massive indignation in game groups on social networks, the developers not only removed it, but also compensated the players for the "moral damage" in the form of pleasant temporary changes in game conditions.

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